Sunday, 5 February 2017

vagina moon by Tommy Anthony

Painting by Tommy Anthony
first published in mgversion2>datura, issue 72 | When the Hard Meets the Moist | April 2013

vagina moon & a velvet sky
weather is a symptom of an ongoing thing
gondolas across God’s own bathtub
sirens that call you by your middle name
but only I know you, child
only I claim a half of your heart
like a bracelet I embrace you
like a present on Xmas Eve
hot cocoa & amaretto
by the fire all night
vagina moon shining through the window
across the tattoo on your thigh
when they come to ask me
how I knew you
I won’t know what to say
I felt the breeze & I closed my eyes
I prayed for patience & hoped for haste
last thing I knew before they took my pulse
I was behind a curtain in the VIP lounge
at a highway strip club in purgatory
it was raining like a drinking fountain
& I’d been driving for way too long
but somewhere in Indiana
I saw a vagina moon out my motel window
& thought I’d pissed my pants
somewhere in Indiana
with holy jeans & a red bandana
I left my winter scarf sprawled across her bed
& walked out to look at the sky
something invisible engulfed me like a spell like a drug
like the last time that you kissed me
under a vagina moon

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