Sunday 15 September 2019

Night Comes Down Like a Hammer by John Tustin

Another Sleepless Night by Elias Quezada

night comes down like a hammer
pounding into the eyes
stitching coffin nails
into the heart

she looks down and laughs
they look down and laugh
as the tears fall from my eyes

from their perches
above the sun
kicking up their heels
drinking fruity drinks
slightly buzzed

and so full of themselves
with their lives of slapping backs
their lives without empathy

pulling out their flaccid cocks
for a sad circle jerk

while I lie here and wait
for sleep to come
like oblivion

and deliver me from their
sneering and derision
for a few hours

with all of you

***** contains links to John Tustin's published poetry online.

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